Working with HDR-Images and RegionKing by Holger Biebrach

One of the very useful cases where you would want to use RegionKing is when you setup your lighting with HDR Images. As you can not have a live view of your results when using PhysicalRender or Vray you need to wait for any small change of the HDRI orientation or any other change. 
With RegionKing you can make this process a lot easier. You change HDRI Images and make variations of the orientation and send everything with a single click to the Renderqueue. While you still setup your variations you already get results to compare. When you have choosen the best rendering you just Rightclick in the Renderqueue to open the File. It is so easy and fast and especially if you need many variations to compare this is a great workflow.

RegionKing is released by Holger Biebrach

Today I can announce the release of RegionKing :-). Take the chance and get it for only 10$ in the first 30 days.


Version 1.5

RegionKing is a new Tool for CINEMA 4D which helps a lot for setting up scenes for rendering. In many situations it is very time-consuming to setup lights and textures/shaders and find the right rendersettings. You need to do a lot of preview rendering and wait to see results. Also it is difficult to compare the results and rendertimes and revert your Scene to the best version. RegionKing provides you with a workflow that makes this all easy and fast.

and much more...

Important! RegionKing for CINEMA 4D® requires CINEMA 4D R16 to work. Versions below R16 will not be supported by RegionKing.

c4dStuff-Store opens doors soon by Holger Biebrach

Soon I will open the store here at where you will be able to get the tools for CINEMA 4D made by me. My first product will be very exciting....It is RegionKing. A new tool for CINEMA 4D R16 which makes the lighting/shading/rendering-process easier than ever before. Check out this sneek peek:

New Website by Holger Biebrach

Hello Dear C4D-Folks,

Some of you might know my old Web-Blog ( Also some know me from Twitter or CG-Talk. My old website has become old and also I wanted to combine my CG-Portfolio with my C4D-Blog. My old Website will be removed and replaced with this one. 

Also I want to mention that I plan to do more script-developing for CINEMA 4D if time permits it. I figured out that my scripts should be updated and maintained. Many of you use my Scripts but unfortunatly I have no time for maintenance. Also I have tons of ideas for new scripts that just want to be coded. With your purchase you will support me to make this happen.