HB ModellingBunde Update v2.12 by Holger Biebrach

I just released a little R18 compatibility update for HB ModellingBundle. This update comes a little delayed as I originally planed to make a bigger Update with R18 compatibility together. This bigger update will take me some more time. Thats why I decided to add some little goodies to this update.

I added a new Modo Colorscheme for CINEMA 4D and also a Modo Material for the Viewport.




Setup to render more Canvas by Holger Biebrach

A long time ago I have made a Xpresso setup which makes it possible  to render more canvas. This is especially useful when you need more space around your CG footage after applying Lens distortion. You can not just increase the Output Resolution as this also changes the perspective of your rendering. My Xpresso Setup makes more Canvas size and calculates all changes to the Camera FOV and Offset. This way you get a Rendering which fits pixel by pixel the smaller Version.

Helge Maus made this great tutorial about this technique (only german). You can download the CanvassizeCamera here: canvassizecamera.zip


Use HB_ModellingBundle to edit UVs by Holger Biebrach

There is a free Plugin for CINEMA 4D which is called UVtoObject. This Plugin converts the UV-map of the selected object to a flat polygonal Object. Now you can use any Polygon-Tool to edit this Mesh. All changes update the UV map of the original Object.
This works also with HB_ModellingBundle Sctipts like HB_SmoothEdge or HB_EvenDistribution.

Get UVto Object here: http://www.welter-4d.de/fplugs/freeplugins_en.html

HB_ModellingBundle Reloaded by Holger Biebrach

I am working on a big Update of my old Modelling Bundle for CINEMA 4D. This is a collection of many Scripts I made over the years working with C4D especially targeted to improve modelling.

I have made some Sneak Previews to get you an Idea what this is about. I think this will improve the modelling Workflow in C4D quite a bit. But see it for yourself.