Version 1.5

RegionKing is a new Tool for CINEMA 4D which helps a lot for setting up scenes for rendering. In many situations it is very time-consuming to setup lights and textures/shaders and find the right rendersettings. You need to do a lot of preview rendering and wait to see results. Also it is difficult to compare the results and rendertimes and revert your Scene to the best version. RegionKing provides you with a workflow that makes this all easy and fast.

and much more...

Important! RegionKing for CINEMA 4D® requires CINEMA 4D R16 to work. Versions below R16 will not be supported by RegionKing.

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Overview Video:

Detailed Tutorial:

Main Features:

  • Setup Lighting, Texturing/Shading and send Versions to the Renderqueue with one click.
  • No need to care about render-outputpaths and project-saving.
  • RegionKing takes care about everything and your previews get rendered in the background while you keep working on light/shading etc. 
  • Compare results in Pictureviewer and always return to any state of your scene after you picked your best result.
  • Setup Renderregions in the HUD.
  • Teamrender Support and support for Teamrender distributed Rendering
  • Vray Support
  • Animate render regions
  • Render stills or frame ranges with no need to dig into the rendersettings.


v1.5 2015/02/04

New Features:
- Animate Region button
- nicer interface (L-shape)
- on/off-mode for fullframe Rendering
- color/size settings for handles and buttons
- better organized results-folder
- buttons to send still/framerange/all frames
- Teamrender Option

- Snapping turned off on draging
- Quantizing support 
- Doubble Click centerhandle selects object below
- OFF modus doesnt support Cameraoffset
- Animated Region is WRONG!

v1.01     2014/11/20

- Film offset not supported
- Problems with FOV below 36 (RK invisible)
- Save path gets deleted in current project
- Prio-issue with RegionSpline
- minor optimizations

v1.0    2014/11/19

- First Public Release

Known Issues/Bugs:

  • Animated Region is not supporting Vray yet
  • Units like cm or inch in Renderoutputsettings not yet supported. (convert to pixel before using RegionKing)


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