my contribution for the shots shown in my Reel:

00:10 - Studio: Aixsponza, client: Kathrein, my contribution: lighting, animation, rendering 
00:15 - Studio: Aixsponza, client: Audi, my contribution: modeling, lighting, shading/rendering 
00:27 - Studio: Soulpix, client: Arte, my contribution: rigging, technical direction for Crowd-animation
00:42 - Studio: Soulpix, My Contribution: rigging, clothsimulation, technical direction for motion-capture
00:51 - Studio: Soulpix, client: RTL, my contribution: rigging, technical direction for motion-capture and destruction
00:57 - Studio: Goldfuchs, client: Audi, my contribution: CAD-Data Cleaning, Car-Shading
01:03 - Studio: Goldfuchs, client: Sennheiser, My contribution: lighting, Shading/Rendering, Animation
01:12 - Studio: Aixsponza, client: RedBull, my contribution: lighting/shading, assets/environment