I would describe myself as a 3D-Generalist with a deep technical understanding, basic Programming/Scripting Skills and a good eye for shapes, colors and timing. My focus is Rigging/Technical Direction and Animation

CINEMA 4D is my main tool to setup my projects but I also use 3D-Coat, Zbrush, Realflow and other 3D Software for creating my work. A newer aspect of my work is developing for Game Engines. This field is exciting and new to me.

A big field of my work is also 3D Scanning and I am currently building up a service for Filmset-Digitalisation and Digital-Asset-Creation. Please feel free to ask me if you need my services.


Holger Biebrach

Am Veringhof 7
21107 Hamburg


USt-IdNr. DE266103106









As long as I can think I am in touch with film and computergraphics. I started my career with my first camcorder with the age of 10 years. Thats when I started producing digital images and movies. My first Macintosh-Computer opend the door to the endless possibilities of digital filmmaking for me. The next logical step for me was to learn the tools for 3D-Animation to make my ideas become true.

For  more than 10 years I have been working with 3D software and I offer my wide range of skills and knowledge to support you with your CG-project. I love to work in a creative environment with nice people in a team. Since 2012 I am in the Beta-Team of CINEMA 4D and hunt for bugs to improve the Programm.

Since I use CINEMA 4D I have been an active member in the C4D-community on places like CG-Talk and Twitter. Also I am developing tools for CINEMA 4D which became quite popular with the release of my modelling Scripts. I plan to expand this and want to open a store on my Website where you will find all the stuff I like to share and sell.