HB ModellingBunde Update v2.12 by Holger Biebrach

I just released a little R18 compatibility update for HB ModellingBundle. This update comes a little delayed as I originally planed to make a bigger Update with R18 compatibility together. This bigger update will take me some more time. Thats why I decided to add some little goodies to this update.

I added a new Modo Colorscheme for CINEMA 4D and also a Modo Material for the Viewport.




Use HB_ModellingBundle to edit UVs by Holger Biebrach

There is a free Plugin for CINEMA 4D which is called UVtoObject. This Plugin converts the UV-map of the selected object to a flat polygonal Object. Now you can use any Polygon-Tool to edit this Mesh. All changes update the UV map of the original Object.
This works also with HB_ModellingBundle Sctipts like HB_SmoothEdge or HB_EvenDistribution.

Get UVto Object here: http://www.welter-4d.de/fplugs/freeplugins_en.html

HB_ModellingBundle Reloaded by Holger Biebrach

I am working on a big Update of my old Modelling Bundle for CINEMA 4D. This is a collection of many Scripts I made over the years working with C4D especially targeted to improve modelling.

I have made some Sneak Previews to get you an Idea what this is about. I think this will improve the modelling Workflow in C4D quite a bit. But see it for yourself.